laptop email problem/ funny face

  Jade 14 G 15:15 06 Mar 06

Got aa siemans laptop still got6 months garrente on it but siemans won't help, they say its fine, don't think they have typed on it but they will not take it back.
When l send a email or typing any data it gets all the lines muddled up and has been doing it for ages, no virus. Should l put the recovery disc in and would that clear it.

Another thing that bugs me is only on my pc which l am using now. When closing down l get a small square in my tray which has a female funny face red lips and green leaves round her, its a funny picture but it just bugs me that l cannot find out what it is. Only happens when logging of and have tried the mouse on it but its faster than me and goes, anyone know anything about this . Thanks in advance.

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