Laptop Digital TV tuners

  stephen_p 08:58 26 Apr 06

I have just bought a new laptop and want to be able to watch and record

I don't have a clue which digital TV tuner would be best to buy, and the pros and cons of each.

Please advise and please post a few recommendations


  Diodorus Siculus 09:25 26 Apr 06
  Sibbo 12:18 26 Apr 06

I think you need to have USB 2 for these tuners. Make sure your laptop has that first.

  dms05 07:39 27 Apr 06

Take a look at a wide range click here the Freecom is £30+VAT+P&P.

  jack 17:50 02 May 06

the Freecom digital Dongle mentioned dm05 works fine. available from in addition to mentioned
Morgans, Novatech, usbstor.

  john-258918 23:35 04 May 06

ive tried two free com dongles both worked fine for about an hour then got no signal took both back

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