Is this laptop dead?

  palinka 19:05 20 Aug 05

An elderly friend told me he had a problem with his laptop - "it has lines across the screen" he said. But now I've looked at it it appears that the screen is knackered - unless someone in this forum can advise otherwise. It's a Copmpaq Evo N1015v, about 3 years old. During boot up the screen stays a sort of muddy white - whiter on one side than the other; gradually (after perhaps a minute) goes completely white and nothing is visible - can't see the desktop at all, because it's just white. From some angles it's posible to make out the desktop icons, but they fade after a few seconds. Can't move te cursor with the touchpad either.

  justme 19:27 20 Aug 05

To ask the obvious, have you tried adjusting the brightness/contrast of the screen?

I once thought my monitor was knackered until I found out that the keyboard had been pressing against the brightness/contrast buttons of the monitor.

  howard60 19:27 20 Aug 05

most laptops have a monitor socket on them try connecting a monitor and if that works ok the screen has died.

  palinka 19:28 20 Aug 05

for Copmpaq Evo please read Compaq.

  palinka 19:34 20 Aug 05

thanks, justme; that was my first thought, but it's not that.
howard60, I'll give that a try. Thanks.

  Taff36 19:42 20 Aug 05

I have one of those! Plug in the monitor and it`s the Fn key (Bottom Left) plus the F4 key to toggle the monitors. I always had a bit of a problem with the toggling because it doesn`t seem to be instant. Try pressing the keys once and wait about 10 seconds before making a second attempt.

  palinka 20:42 20 Aug 05

Taff36, thanks for that extra info. I'll tick resolved for now and try it out.

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