Laptop crashes when I watch videos

  mds303 22:12 PM 15 May 13

Hi I usually watch videos on my laptop (through HDMI lead to TV). Recently the video has started getting jerky and then the laptop crashes/turns off. The fan starts 'whirring' and in the task manager, the CPU usage goes up to 100%. The laptop stats are 4GB RAM & has an i3 CPU, so should be up to the task. Any ideas???

  chub_tor 08:53 AM 16 May 13

It sounds like overheating so try giving it a good clean out for dust. This rather cheesy youtube video will show you how

  onthelimit1 09:05 AM 16 May 13

In my experience it's usually necessary to dismantle the laptop to get at the pile of dust and fluff between the fan and the heat sink. Give the make and model and I'll try to find a link to a service manual.

  difarn 09:23 AM 16 May 13

I have experienced this. Extended use of using an external monitor can cause overheating and other problems if the graphics card in the laptop is not up to it. Sometimes adjusting the screen resolution on the external monitor helps as does standing the laptop on a cooling tray.


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