Laptop connection to router

  Revi 20:48 09 Apr 04

I have a router which takes in 4 connections, i.e. 4 PCs. There is one place still unused in the router. To connect my newly bought Laptop can I just plug it in there and surf on the internet. Or some configuration is also required?

  AndySD 20:57 09 Apr 04

Its dependent on the operating system. But try it it may work straight away. If not Open Internet explorer and Tools Connections and set it from there.

  Revi 21:18 09 Apr 04

It's XP pro.

  Revi 21:22 09 Apr 04

Sorry XP Home!

  AndySD 22:25 09 Apr 04

Open Internet explorer and choose Tools then Connections then make sure LAN settings is set to Automatic. If it comes up with a blank page Click on detect Network settings and let it run ti takes a while.

If you wish to connect to the other pcs then thats a different matter.

  Revi 22:31 09 Apr 04

Yes, it took time but I could connect to the Internet without having to configure the laptop. Thanks for your help. Is connecting to the other 3 PCs a hard & complicated task?

  AndySD 22:45 09 Apr 04

No its simple.

All you need to do is find out the name of the workgroup from one of the pc,s then run the netwok wizard on the laptop.

Start then Control Panel then System then Computer name Click change note the workgroup then cancel.

Network wizard is Start then My Network Places then Setup a small home office network.

  Revi 23:09 09 Apr 04

To start with where do I find the network wizard on the laptop?

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