Laptop for Christmas for 9 year old, and silly staff at Currys (they must think we're all daft)

  Graham* 03 Dec 11

My friend is looking for a laptop for his 9 year-old daughter. He knows nothing about computers, but has set himself a budget of £400. As we were passing, we popped into Currys/PC World so I could see for myself what was on offer. A webcam and good memory for gaming seemed the obvious criteria. After a good browse, I suggested we ask one of the staff, they kept asking if we needed any help anyway. We were immediately led away from the laptops to the Antivirus and Office software section. ‘I can offer you £20 off this, £30 of this’. I said can we look at the laptops first? So we did, but the banter continued – ‘I can do a better deal on software for this one’ (more expensive model). Oh, and free antivirus doesn’t work on Windows 7, she said. Very little was said about the laptops. Anyway, I made a note of HP Pavilion g6 laptop, would this be a good buy?

  buteman 03 Dec 11

Quite a few different models of the G6 you would need the model number.Then browse for it and see if you can get it cheaper.

  ICF 03 Dec 11

"A webcam and good memory for gaming seemed the obvious criteria"

Gaming on a £400 laptop will be limited.Memory is not as important as graphic cards or CPU's graphic capabilities.

Have a look at PC Advisors top 5 budget laptops

  ICF 03 Dec 11

If gaming is important could the budget be stretched to say something like this laptop with 1 GB nVidia GeForce GT 525M graphics card

  onthelimit1 03 Dec 11

I'd be tempted to take your comments about the staff to the manager (or higher). To say things like 'free AV doesn't work on W7' is blatant lying.

  Graham* 03 Dec 11

This is the laptop I made a note of.

Would Open Office be sufficient for school work?

  Forum Editor 03 Dec 11

"Would Open Office be sufficient for school work?"

Yes, it would, but to be honest your friend's daughter is likely to encounter Microsoft Office just about everywhere when she leaves school and goes to university and, later, to work. It might be as well to familiarise her with it from the beginning.

You can buy a single user version of the Office 2010 edition for £73 from Amazon.

  buteman 03 Dec 11

At school so would be classed as a student probably.

  BRYNIT 03 Dec 11

This sales person need more training. The laptop is the main item, the software is extras after the sale. I would have asked to speak to someone who new about laptops.

Have you looked at the supermarket websites?

Sainsbury's have a small selection Click here

  buteman 03 Dec 11

Sorry not much good at spec for computers but the price seems to be standard for Currys and PC world.And just about the same price everywhere.

Whether a good buy or not best waiting for advice from others.

  robin_x 03 Dec 11

MS Office 2010 Starter is included on many computers free now, I believe.

(It replaces MS Works)

If you don't get it pre-installed, it's a free download.


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