laptop can't see wireless networks

  magdabis 12:01 04 Jul 08

I've got the following problem:
I have wireless modem. My laptop work perfectly ok with it but my new housemate can't connect. her laptop doesn't see any wireless network. I tried to restart the modem but it doesn't seem to help. when modem is turned off my laptop can still see other newtwork in the area but her laptop can't see anything. We tried to connect her laptop to the modem by a cable but still no internet on her laptop.
she says she is able to connect to wireless internet at the uni but they access it over there via intranet.
to make things worst her Windows is in Korean and she hardly speaks English...
Please help me. what could be the problem? i it her laptop or something with the modem?
would getting a wireless adaptor for her laptop help?

  brundle 15:06 04 Jul 08

Not the modem if the laptop can't see /any/ wireless networks. Make and model of laptop? Are you absolutely sure wireless is enabled all the time - some models require a key-press combination to enable wireless each time they're switched on.

  mikesuther 16:00 04 Jul 08

even though her machine is in korean is it possible to translate into english. Also what version of windows is she using? It seems strange that even connected directly via a lan cable that no modem detected. if you can find out the make and model you might be able to get technical support from manufacturer as some companies give international warranties.

  magdabis 02:18 05 Jul 08

it's Averatec 4200 series

  magdabis 04:15 05 Jul 08

we installed modem software on her laptop and she can now get internet but her laptop needs to be connected to the modem via cable. not a perfect solution but at least she can use intrnet

  tullie 09:11 05 Jul 08

Can she not remove cable then click on connections icon in taskbar,and search for wireless,then connect to the one she wants?

  brundle 10:48 05 Jul 08

This guide might help; click here

  magdabis 11:54 05 Jul 08

tullie - for whatever reason her laptop can't detect any wiresless network, and there is quite a few around (I detect about 10 on my laptop)

  T0SH 17:56 07 Jul 08

Wireless on off switch on the Averatec 4200 is front left hand side to the left of the sound and mic jacks

Manual available here click here

Cheers HC

  Ashrich 23:47 07 Jul 08

Is it possible that the wireless adapter is set to scan on 802.11a instead of b or g ? Is it on a channel that isn't available in the Uk ? Have a check in device manager under the advanced tab ....


  magdabis 00:06 08 Jul 08

Ashrich - if only it was so easy... Her Windows is in Korean which I of course cadon't speak. Her English is really bad so she can't translate :(

T0SH - wireless switch is on but the lapto still can't detect any networks

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