Laptop brightness

  yabeeb 11:32 11 Jan 09


I have a Dell 1525. The screen is considerably brighter when using it off the mains. Is there away to stop it dimming so much on battery?

Also, is it healthier for the laptop/battery to run it off the mains as much as possible and save the battery for when its really needed?


  MarvintheAndroid 11:44 11 Jan 09

You can ususally adjust the power settings so that the screen settings are the same for battery and mains - but I would not recommend it as that extra brightness will kill the battery life fast.


  MarvintheAndroid 11:47 11 Jan 09

Question 2 - depends on the batteries. If as I think is the case you have lithiun ion it makes little difference. I would generally recommend running on batteries every so often though, so it can go through its normal charge / discharge cycle.


  oldbeefer2 11:47 11 Jan 09

To brighten the screen on my Dell, Fn key (to the right of Ctrl, bottom left) and up arrow (has a blue 'sun' on it).

  yabeeb 12:32 11 Jan 09

mant thanks

  yabeeb 12:32 11 Jan 09

i meant many thanks...

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