Laptop black screen.

  swanny2 08 Oct 12

hi there wifes got a Acer Aspire 1360 when turned on ,was ok a while back but the charger lead that goes in the back was a bit iffy of n on seems ok now .but as i say,turn it on the fans goin like mad,doesnt stop.all lights come on etc,but the screen is just blank. At one point it came on then went off. the fan is going like powerfully all the time doesnt seem too slow down.. Now we have nothing on the screen at start up at all. useing window 7. thanks if any reasons why. cheers :O)

  Forum Editor 08 Oct 12

For a start it sounds as though the fan controller is faulty.

The screen fault may simply be that the hibernate switch is stuck - check that before you do anything else. It's the little button that operates when the screen is closed. Sometimes they stick in the closed position.

Otherwise a faulty screen inverter or backlight may be the answer. Have you tried connecting the machine to an external monitor, to see if you get a display on that?

  woodchip 08 Oct 12

No Idea how old the Laptop but try it just on Mains Adapter, Without battery plugged in. But it sounds like you have damaged the motherboard Volts in Socket or board connections

  swanny2 08 Oct 12

I plugged it into my main monitor and nothing came up at all..

  swanny2 09 Oct 12


  lotvic 09 Oct 12

Did you press the key(s) for the external monitor display?

  swanny2 10 Oct 12

erm no i didnt . didnt know i had too lol ..

  Lazarus The 2nd 10 Oct 12

Page 15 (Hot Keys) in this Click here (Service Guide)


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