laptop battery......brightness

  Magik™ 19:47 16 Feb 03

just used the dell laptop on the battery for the first time, just to see how long it would last, just surfing, it has survived for over two hours, now to the is some sort of battery saving device that when i pulled the mains plug out the back, the screen went duller,just plugged the mains back in, and the screen is back to full brightness..


  fred 21:21 16 Feb 03

Most laptops dim the screen and slow the processor down when using the battery. This improves battery life.

If you want to override the settings either use the propriatary power management that came with the machine or go to control panel/power options. This holds for XP Home, not sure about 98/ME.

  Magik™ 22:08 16 Feb 03

thanks for that, i will check out what you have put.thanks again

  fred 22:29 16 Feb 03

On my Toshiba the power management icon defaults to the system tray on startup.

Significant increases in battery life can be achieved by judicious use of the settings.

There comes a point though when the useability of the machine begins to deteriorate.

Highly advisable to save a copy of the default settings before playing too much.

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