laptop battery life suddenly now only 15 mins?!

  powertool 20:59 10 Sep 04

I've had a HP Pavilion laptop for just over a year and whilst its battery life has never been fantastic, I would usually rely on getting about an hour. Now suddenly it only holds the charge for 15 minutes.

Might it be that the battery is really OK, but that the software thinks it is about to run out and so closes everything down? or has the battery really died on me!

Thanks in advance for your help.

  safemode 21:19 10 Sep 04
  interzone55 21:51 10 Sep 04

Let the battery completely discharge, then charge it up fully, with the notebook powered off.
Repeat this process 3 times and your battery should be refreshed.

Unfortunately if your battery is dead then you will have to buy a new one (they cost betwen £60 & £100) as most manufacturers treat them as consumables and only guarantee them for 6 months

  billy 21:54 10 Sep 04

some batteries have a button on you can press and it it tells you of the chanrge left in how many lights come up on the indicator.

  Djohn 22:12 10 Sep 04

click here Have a read here, everything you need to know about laptop batteries.

  powertool 09:56 11 Sep 04

Looks like it is time to buy another one!

  Stuartli 10:13 11 Sep 04

Flattening a rechargeable battery between every half-a-dozen or so charges usually assists in prolonging its lifespan.

I've got a four-year-old Philips Savvy mobile phone which is always available for use.

About once a month I let the battery run right down until the warning bleeps become increasingly frantic and then recharge it whilst it is still switched on (to allow calls to be received).

On average its battery life on standby is around three days before needing to be recharged as the battery warning is down to one segment (of four).

  gNick 15:10 28 Mar 05

Be careful with deep discharging - it works with NiCd and NiMH but if you deep discharge a LiIon it can have the opposite effect, in an extreme case the battery just won't accept a charge.
Also if LiIon batteries get hot their lifetime drops, so if your laptop runs on the hot side get a cooler, at £20 or so they are a sight cheaper than a battery!

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