Laptop battery info needed...

  Oddnut 01:29 01 Jun 08

Hi there,

I was just wondering if there was a device available anywhere that can charge laptop batteries independently. One can buy modules to charge mobile phone batteries, camera batteries, even cordless drill batteries (where you take the battery out and insert it into the charger). Is there anything like this available for laptop batteries (apart from Qcharger which is mega expensive)?

My laptop AC connector is faulty and the plug has to be at a certain angle for it to charge, if it slips, it stops charging. I initially thought it was the charger itself, possibly a break in the wire somewhere, but having replaced it and found the problem remains, I guess it's the actual AC socket and I've been told that a) it can't be repaired and I'll need a new motherboard (not financially viable given the age of the laptop) or b) it 'may' be repairable but it'll cost between £90 and £130 which again, really isn't worth it. But if I could find an external charging module for a reasonable amount, that would solve my problems. Any ideas anyone?

Waiting in hope,

  Dragon_Heart 03:23 01 Jun 08

Try click here

For a repair try click here
No fix no fee !

  ronalddonald 06:31 01 Jun 08

i be a little weary of Technomart. Ive heard that although they claim they fix laptops, some people have sent their laptops of and haven't heard a thing until they send a recorded delivery letter asking or the laptop back. The laptop is sent back but with no repairs. Also ty ringing technomart. Do search on ecnomart in all the forums and see what comes up! Up until now ive never heard any good news abut technomart even though i live a couple of miles from them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 01 Jun 08

To replace a DC jack socket is easy enough, its the stripping down to get to it that is time consuming and therefore expensive.

click here

Charger click here scroll to bottom of page.

  martjc 08:39 05 Jun 08

...laptop repair people. No names mentioned but I had a laptop with the same problem as yours. I sent it to a 'repairer' who said they usually fitted their own type of connector because mine had a known fault. Note, I had tested the power supply myself before sending the whole caboodle off. It was fine.

The thing came back with the same connector but a different power supply/charger. A second hand one of a different make. It now charged. I was charged too! £150!!!

I feel certain that this was a ripoff! Recently, the thing stopped charging again, so I decided to just run it from the mains. Of course this meant I had to buy a new machine for portable work.

Good luck with your quest!!!

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