Laptop Batteries

  mcheathen 29 Jul 11

A friend of mine has a Compaq laptop which wont power up. She is not sure if it needs a new battery. Is there any way of testing it? if the battery of OK then is there anything else which would stop it from powering up?

  tullie 29 Jul 11

Does it turn on ok if the battery is removed?

  northumbria61 29 Jul 11

Take a look here link text

  woodchip 29 Jul 11

just as above try it with mains only connected, take the battery out. if not then the adapter may be fried thus its run the battery down flat

  mcheathen 01 Aug 11

Done all these suggestions and still doesn't work. The problem must lie deeper within the laptop itself. Any ideas?

  onthelimit1 01 Aug 11

How do you know the mains adaptor is OK? Failure is quite common.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Aug 11

1. The best way to check the adaptor is with a mutimeter set to DC volts and check the jack plug centre pin to outer pin voltage (19v is very commnon read the voltage on the adaptor).

If that is OK

2. Then test with battery removed a bad battery can drag down the power and stop a machine from booting.

3. Next check that the jack socket is not loose or broken. some times the solder breaks and loses the connection or centre pins break off.

4. Next your down to either a separate power board or the motherboard itself.


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