Laptop Advice - Time Ultima Notebook

  TheHound 16:15 23 Jan 03
  TheHound 16:15 23 Jan 03

Anyone know if the Time Ultima Notebook - P4 2.66 GHz is any good?

I'm seroiusly thinking about getting this laptop but the only thing that puts me off is that it isn't a mobile Processor. Do you think this matters?

Any advice would be great.



  crimbo 16:24 23 Jan 03

It depends if you are going to run the notebook on batteries a lot; desktop cpu's take more power, therefore will drain batteries more quickly. The other thing is they need a good through flow of air, bear this in mind if you use it on your lap, sofa or in bed. Ensure you don't block the vents. A good spec though.

  TheHound 16:35 23 Jan 03

I will be using it more from the mains than batteries as it will be replacing my PC - will keep the air flow in mind.

Cheers mate


  powerless 16:56 23 Jan 03

Time Notebooks/Laptops whatever books do not come with a floppy drive.

  AndySD 17:01 23 Jan 03

Neither do they come with the full XP cd just a restore disk.

  TheHound 17:29 23 Jan 03

Yeah you're right they don't come with either, you have to pay £50 for a recovery CD which is a bit crap but not really bothered about floppy to be honest - will just buy seperate one.

Anyone know of any other good Laptop deals going at the moment? Have a budget of around £1600

  AndySD 17:47 23 Jan 03

click here prices are lower click here

  TheHound 18:14 23 Jan 03

I was originally looking at getting an AJP but i've been put off by a few Horror stories i've heard about their quality. Shame, coz they have a great spec.

  Weescottie 11:59 25 Jan 03

My sister has a ibm thinkoad type 2625 i know it`s old but she is looking for a phone card for it can anybody help

  Weescottie 12:02 25 Jan 03

My sister has an ibm thinkpad type 2625 i know it`s old but she is looking for a phone card for it can anybody help?

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