laptop advice

  jtw57 13 Apr 11

intend on buying my first laptop, not much money so they will be refurbished.

would like advice on which one from IBM thinkpad T42=== IBM X40=== HP NC6000

any advice would be much appreciated


  Clapton is God 13 Apr 11

It would help us to help you if you explained what the laptop will be used for

  jtw57 13 Apr 11

basic stuff, email, web search,


  Forum Editor 13 Apr 11

If you can get your hands on a good ThinkPad T42 you'll have a very nice little machine. ThinkPads are renowned for their build quality.

You'll find the hard drive capacity a little limiting by current standards, and unless the RAM has been upgraded you'll need to reserve some budget for doing it - the machine only had 512Mb as standard.

The HP NC6000 was a great laptop when it was first launched, but you should look at the installed RAM - 512Mb as standard isn't enough.

Of the three, and all things being equal my personal choice would be the Lenovo X40. It was a superb machine in its day - I had one myself- and one in good condition is worth snapping up.

  bluesbrother 14 Apr 11

How about MSI Wind U135 Windows XP 7Hour Netbook link text

I bought one for her indoors a few month ago, its really quite impressive if you can live with the smaller (10 inch) screen.

  jtw57 14 Apr 11

many thanks for the advice have decided on the Lenovo x40, was tempted by the msi wind u135 but the x40 will do for now as my first laptop. once again many thanks

  sunnystaines 15 Apr 11

i was in tesco this week someone in front bought a compaq laptop for just £199 no idea of the spec or modle just amazed how cheap it was

  gpoau 21 Apr 11

Surely it would be more pracital to buy a brand new one with proper warranties as the prices are getting really low. Group Purchase Online


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