Jadie 09:23 11 Oct 07

Iv Been Looking For a laptop and found one that is suitable...i think...but i cant find it on any websites or anything...can any one help??
this is the website iv seen it on but didnt really want to buy it as i never heard of that website...and not seein it on any others worried me?? thanks. jade xx

click here

  mymate 09:30 11 Oct 07
  mymate 09:31 11 Oct 07

I have never heard of Asus .

  Jadie 09:32 11 Oct 07

yeah iv tried googlein it but all the links refer back to xx

  mad1234 10:04 11 Oct 07

we have ASUS mother boards in some of our pc's & had no problems so far. didn't know they did lap tops though
try this for more info
click here
click here

  mymate 16:09 11 Oct 07

Strange but i just got email from Pcadvisor and look what pops up . click here

  Jadie 16:26 11 Oct 07

yeah I Got That Too Lol. Thought it was abit wierd lol xxx thnnx hun xx

  wjrt 18:51 11 Oct 07
  Migwell 00:05 12 Oct 07

Asus are the finest maker of the best mother boards known to man. I have used them in the last three computers I have built for my self and NEVER had any problem at all with any of them. All three are still running and the oldest is over six years old now, and is still rock steady. I can't praise them any more than that. If there were 5 or 6 different computers to choose from and one of them was an Asus the others would not stand a chance of me buying them. Go for it.

  donki 00:12 12 Oct 07

"never heard of ASUS"???? Do u live under a rock? Huge maufacturer of quality PC components as Migwell says. Im sure they laptop range would b a good buy.

  mymate 09:18 12 Oct 07

donki, I must live under a rock .But ia m not into PC components .I know i dont have any of that make in the 2 computers i have owned .

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