Lapto infected with WININET.dll virus...pls help!

  julius44 07:36 17 Feb 08

Hello ive had to repost this again, as i desperately need some help. My friends laptop seems to have a virus/trojan or something like that!!!

She can get to her main laptop screen, but there are no longer any icons and the following error message occurs: this application has failed to start becos WININET.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

We have tried in safe mode but to no avail..unless we are doing it incorrectly!!! She is ok for the laptop to be reset to factory setting...but she just needs to get it sorted, she doesnt mind losing what is on her laptop either.!!! Is there any way round this pls. we are very desperate to sort this out. she has never had this problem before. thanks!!! I'll need to tell her to get a decent antivirus package after this!!!

  johnnyrocker 08:15 17 Feb 08

click here= might be of use?


  jaritch 08:48 17 Feb 08

I would reset to factory setting

  julius44 09:35 17 Feb 08

Hello jaritch.....pls can u tell me HOW to restore to factory settings pls??

  johnnyrocker 09:40 17 Feb 08

was the laptop supplied with disks?


  julius44 09:46 17 Feb 08

Hello jonny rocker, i dont think she can find any disks for it. if she cant find the disks will ctrl+f11 work?? shes on her way over now with the laptop??

  johnnyrocker 09:50 17 Feb 08

not too up on laptops butwithout disk i feel it to be unlikely to be able to factory restore unless there is a recovery partition on hard drive? has system restore in safe mode been tried?


  julius44 09:53 17 Feb 08

okay jonny rocker we shall try system restore in safe mode...if that dont work..any suggestions?? Also in safe mode should she still be at least able to get to system restore??

  johnnyrocker 09:54 17 Feb 08

maybe, it depends on the cause of the problem.


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