Lappy 'suddenly' saying not guenuine wisnows

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 22:32 19 May 06

My Lappy ran out of battery, and seememd to have a problem actually shutting down. It finally shut down, however when I have rebooted a message appears saying that the copy of windows I have is not guenuine, and guides me to microsoft website. Also my screen resolutioned itself to very small.

I have had the Lappy for about 3 months with no worries, but I am a little concered as to consiquences of this...

All advise happily accepted

By the way it is winows xp proffesional (2nd edition) I am running

  hssutton 22:40 19 May 06

Have a look click here

  mammak 22:44 19 May 06

firstly dont worry about your spelling and second chill you say your laptop is only a month or so old are you sure it is genuine? if so dont panic this happened to me with my new laptop "6 months old now" a few days later it was fine I feel it is a teething problem with the windows genuine advantage tool stay with it, it will be ok I am sure.

  mammak 22:46 19 May 06

sorry 3 months old you said :)
slap on the wrist to me lol for not reading your post correctly

don't know (but I doubt) if guenuine,
But apart from being irritating, is it ok to work around it?

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