vmkwings 07:13 10 Feb 04

I have been trying to link my laptop to my computor, one runs xp pro the other runs win 98.
the problem is that they wont connect, I am using a laplink cable and direct cable connection utility is active on both machines.
what am I doing wrong?

  anchor 09:09 10 Feb 04

I do not know the answer to your question, but suggest you consider using a £20 "USB to USB Data Link Cable"; like this

click here

I use one all the time to connect my desktop with Win-XPpro and laptop with Win-ME. So easy, and works like a charm.

  Jester2K 09:11 10 Feb 04

Or even a £5 one click here

  Jester2K 09:12 10 Feb 04

What exactly does and doesn't happen then?

  JerryJay 10:00 10 Feb 04

Maybe the version of laplink you got does not support XP or 98.

  vmkwings 15:36 10 Feb 04

In reply to jester2k it starts by saying that it is connecting and then just says unable to connect.
By the way during the wizard windows on the direct cable connection utility it gives the option of parralel or serial cable connection is this anything to do with it, I have been connecting the comp and laptop with 9 pin connection. Do I need addional software on both machines?

  TBH1 16:13 10 Feb 04

if your connecting them via the printer port it will be a parallel connection - - but I have used this software in the past and used the serial one - - which I believe is the 9 pin one.

  anchor 09:23 11 Feb 04

For the sake of a Fiver, go for the USB File Transfer Cable as per Jester2K`s link; (assuming both machines have USB ports).

It sounds similar to the one I have.

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