Lap top frozen - not working

  geek84 09:53 10 Aug 10

Yesterday my kids were looking on the internet on my lap top. I don't know what they did to it, but when I turned it on this morning, it does not seem to be working. I do get up to the desk top screen and then it seems to freeze no matter what I try to access - the internet or other Word applications. I presume the kids turned the lap top off yesterday without logging out in the correct way or not exiting from a website in the usual way.

Can anybody advise me how I can get my lap top up and running again?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  wee eddie 10:26 10 Aug 10

Tap the F8 (or F5) key continuously from the moment you use the 'On' Switch until you hear a 'Bleep'.

There after you will need to navigate using the 'Up, Down, Left and Right' Keys. You may need to wait a while while all the Basic Drivers load, then chose to open in Windows.

This may allow you to clear whatever glitch has occurred. There is an 'off' chance that they have been to a site of doubtful reputation! So it may make sense to Update and run your Anti Virus and Anti Malwear Suites.

If the same problem persists after this, come back and other will add their 2 ha'penth worth.

  geek84 12:14 10 Aug 10


I have tried this and got the computer working. However, I cannot get access to the internet. Can you tell me how to resolve this problem?

Many thanks

  Kilowatt 5 13:42 10 Aug 10

But the kids their own computer - I found this resolved the problem for me 10 years ago

  Kilowatt 5 13:43 10 Aug 10

Sory meant BUY the kids their own computer :-)

  geek84 15:18 10 Aug 10

Hi Kilowatt 5

This doesn't solve the problem that I have at the moment!

  Jollyjohn 15:44 10 Aug 10

Wired or wireless connection?

Wireless - check they haven't accidentally switched off the wireless adapter on the laptop. Either a switch somewhere on the sides or a key combination such as FN + F1

Wired - Right click the network icon usually found in the bottom right hand corner - open network connections and try a repair.

  geek84 16:06 10 Aug 10


It's a wireless connection. I've checked the switches. My desk top which is also wireless seems to be working ok.

  Jollyjohn 16:18 10 Aug 10

With a web browser page open - look for Tools then Internet options - is there a tick next to "Work offline"?

What error messages - if any - are you getting when you try to connect?

  geek84 19:09 10 Aug 10


I have managed to get the lap top working (well almost). I can access things like Excel & Word when working in Safe Mode and I can also access the internet. However, the lap top freezes when I try to access any of these in the normal way.


  wee eddie 20:27 10 Aug 10

There is a 'thingy' called 'Event Viewer' that may be able to tell you what has happened, but I'm not qualified to tell you how to use it. (I've no idea, to tell the truth)

I would suggest running a Full AV Scan, CCleaner and a Defrag from within Safe Mode, then I'm lost. I don't think that that will help much but it might just.

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