lap top "freezing"

  end 13:06 24 Oct 04

latitude CPt.64 MB of RAM 86% free.

today quite happily sorting out e mails on server, then screen froze;
eventually had to switch off at power as nowt else would "work"; now machine refuses to connect to internet; do not have a router (moans), so am back on tower to send this:)
machine has been "freezing" several times recently, as if it has "lost the plot", then comes back to life; have run scan disc and defragment on it, have rebooted it several time but no success, and the modem leads are OK as using them now on tower:)

as far as I know it is not overheating, ;NB it is nto a "new" machine but a rebuild one;

you will need to tell me where to look in what section of the thing if you need any more info for me to sort it out; and I will have to swap back to it to try any reconnecting to the net:)

  VoG II 14:10 24 Oct 04

Can you get it to start in MS-DOS mode:- Start, Shutdown, Restart in MS-DOS (from memory).

Then at the > prompt type

scanreg /restore

and press the Enter key. You should then be given a list of dates to restore the registry to.

  end 14:36 24 Oct 04

are you suggesting ( and no sarcasm in implied or intended here ::))) )

that the registry has "flipped"?
of interest, since I have had the thing; it has taken to "freezing " for short periods of time, the "gets its act together" and carries on ; BUT, I thought that the Registry checks itself each time I switch the thing on(??), which is one reason why I rebooted several times before I went back to the tower,

am at present on lappy again , having "rested" lappy for about 20 minutes or so, so i know that the modem is OK as it works on tower:)

  VoG II 15:56 24 Oct 04

That would be my first thought if a Windows 98 machine starts playing up.

From memory, you don't have a working CD drive, so other options like System File Checker won't work.

  end 16:09 24 Oct 04

"you don't have a working CD drive,".. I do, just do not have a CR Rewriter:)

and does not the Registry "reset" itself when the thing is turned on each time, or have i misunderstood that part of the start-up process:)

but, would a Registry "hiccough" account for the thing going in to "freeze-mode" actually, relatively frequently; it manages to do it perhaps once each time I am working with it; I thought it might be the optic mouse I have here but,,, am running out of ideas:(

  VoG II 16:12 24 Oct 04

I believe that Windows checks the registry for major corruption on startup. If there is major corruption, it won't start up at all.

Try this: Start, Run, type in


and click OK. You may be asked to insert your Windows CD.

  end 16:15 24 Oct 04

actually...hopefully the back-up should be on the lappy itself...back shortly I hope:)

  end 16:20 24 Oct 04

sfc ran clear with no problems:)

  VoG II 16:35 24 Oct 04

Is it a battery-powered mouse - you could try replacing the batteries. However, I doubt if that is the cause.

When it freezes, have you pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL together to bring up the Task Manager to see if anything is shown as "Not Responding"?

  end 16:46 24 Oct 04

from memory (ha ha ) when I have tried that nowt happened; it may be that I can only give that answer at the next "event":)

and mouse is an optical one, with a red light under it..

  end 17:09 24 Oct 04

when this happens again, which doubtless it will in the next few days(::::)))) will try the task manager bit and report back:) is as if the thing "looses the plot" for a short while , goes off and "does its own thing" then gets back to work..

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