Language translators

  Ijustneedanswersplease 13:43 02 Feb 03

Hi - I am looking for a good, low cost language translator to translate French,Italian,Spanish and German to English. Preferably from scanned documents but must handle up to 200 words - anybody had any experience please ?

  Pilch.... 14:12 02 Feb 03

if you have scanned document's, is to get some software that reads the character's, then paste into word document, then find an online translator, that can do it for free with good result's.

  Cordy13 14:13 02 Feb 03

Lidl is selling the L&H Translator again this week for £19.99. (None of them are very accurate).

  powerless 14:14 02 Feb 03

click here - 200 words might be a bit too much though.

  wetterfugal 14:21 02 Feb 03

Good one - 10,000 chrs or aprox 1,200 words

  Wes Tam ;-) 14:26 02 Feb 03

I'm using Globalink Power Translator for all of those languages, available from click here or an older, cheaper copy from click here

ps never tried translating from a scanned document

  Cordy13 14:31 02 Feb 03

That is the one Lidl is flogging (£80 cheaper!)

  Ijustneedanswersplease 14:57 02 Feb 03

Have checked out the links - thanks guys. I had found another web based freebe but was limited to 150 words. this one seems good. tvm :-)

  Bingalau 16:48 02 Feb 03

I used the following:- "click here" once to correspond with a German friend. He gave me a rollicking and said he preferred my own translations. I had always used my own translation before that. He said my "Night School Version" was better than the one from "Altavista".

  Bingalau 16:50 02 Feb 03

I think I was trying to tell you it is cheaper and better to go to night school. Certainly a lot more fun...Try it?

  Old PC man 17:41 02 Feb 03

I think you'll get the best results from a translation program by transmogrifying one sentence at a time, and even then only short sentences.

It also depends whether you're trying to translate Technical subjects or just conversations.

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