Language learning software - any recommendations?

  QinesiQ 20:12 20 Sep 06

Anyone had any experience of language learning software? Any recommendations?

Or know of any good language sites?

German, French and Greek preferable :-)

Danke, Merci, e??a??st?e?

  ArrGee 20:21 20 Sep 06

Haven't tried it myself, but have a look
click here

  ArrGee 20:22 20 Sep 06

Also worth a look at:
click here

  greybeard 20:46 20 Sep 06

I'm trying to learn Dutch, and bought the "Explorer" level cd from Rosetta Stone.
I've found it very good - it's a total immersion method, with multiple choice pictures and the sound of the spoken word, coupled with the written text. I was suprised how quickly it started to sink in, very much like a child would learn I suppose.

  QinesiQ 13:17 21 Sep 06

Thank you ArrGee I've had a quick look at those links and they look really interesting.

And thank you greybeard for sharing your experience I really appreciate it.

I will be immersing myself with those (and researching the family tree too) as soon as I’ve finished redecorating the room next door (or destroying it depending on your pov!)

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