Landline phone with skype facility

  SallyC 11:51 25 Jan 10

Hi I am currently abroad but soon returning to the UK.
I have been using Skype (on subscription) to make phone calls using a headphones & attached microphone. I want to buy a conventional handset to use with Skype & landline on my return as I don't like headsets! Can anyone recommend/advise on what to look for, makes etc, preferably cordless.

  retep888 13:32 25 Jan 10

click here

Recently recommended this phone to a family member,she's absolutely happy with it being cordless, dual functions for skype and ordinary landline.

  SallyC 15:33 31 Jan 10

Thanks retep88 - looks good if a bit pricey so will look at it again when we get back

  morddwyd 18:27 31 Jan 10

I also have Skype on my mobile, but connecting through my normal wireless broadband.

  Rob Gibson 18:59 31 Jan 10

I have the phone retep888 suggests, and it works very well. You can be logged into Skype with both the phone and your PC at the same time and are able to make and receive Skype calls on either.

  SallyC 17:53 15 Oct 10

Bought a Philips VOIP phone - brilliant

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