Lan Speed

  sbratton 15 Mar 11

I've got an issue with my internal lan, I can't get speeds faster than about 10Mbps for transferring large files across my internal network.

BTHH v1.0 as router and DHCP server.
Connected to Baystack 450 10/100 Switch set to 100Mbps full duplex on all 24 ports.
Then to several PC's a Sony TV, Mythbuntu box, BTvision box (not via switch -uses 2nd port on BTHH)
Wifi to 2 laptops. (not via switch)
Cat6 cabling throughout the house.
LAN cards are all 10/100 or Gigabit.

Physically timed a large file 2GB from 1 windows PC to another. getting 8Mbps transfer rate. Similar for Linux to windows transfer (SMB server).

1. What rate should I expect ?
2. What are the likely bottlenecks ?
3. What tools can I use on windows /Linux to correctly measure LAN speed?
4. What process should I go through to determine the root cause?

The issue originally arose because I can't get smooth playback on MythTV Frontend to Backend setup. So I started digging and found LAN speed is limited.

Thanks in advance.

  Thalmus 18 Mar 11

If you've manually set the speed and duplex on your ports on the switch then you'll need to manually set the speed and duplex on all the network devices attached to it.

Alternatively turn on Auto-negotiation on the switch.


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