LAN access passwords for winXP

  carlos 16:35 22 Aug 03

In win98 it's easy to password protect a folder shared over a LAN. Can't find similar in XP. If I share a folder everyone can see it and alter it. Nowhere can I find a prompt to set an access password . Be very grateful for enlightenment

  jazzypop 17:48 22 Aug 03

I presume that you are using XP Home, not Pro. XP Home does not allow you to set password access to folders, but XP Pro does.

There is a sort of workaround at click here - otherwise you may need a 3rd-party security program

  spikeychris 17:51 22 Aug 03

You cannot password protect individual folders in XP. You restrict access by
assigning permissions to drives, folders and files.

To use the below you have to be using NTFS.

XP PRO: In Windows Explorer, go to Tools, Folder Options, View and untick
Use Simple File Sharing. Now, when you right click on a drive, folder or
file (on an NTFS partition) and select Properties, you'll see a Security
tab. Here you can assign or deny permissions based on user name or user
group membership.

XP Home: By default, you can only make files and folders under My Documents
"private". This is done by right clicking a folder or file and selecting
Properties, Sharing. To change the permissions on other folders, you need
to boot the computer to Safe Mode and log in on the built in Administrator
account. In this mode, you'll see the Security tab in Properties, and you
can assign permissions based on user name or group membership.


  carlos 23:51 22 Aug 03

Posted at replies for a while so I drowned my rejection in Adam's ale....however, thank you for info just picked up. I am using XP Pro( NTFS) and unticked "simple file sharing" but was still able to access the folder( from another PC) I had previously enabled for sharing.??? In Win 98 I could share any folder and assign a password, easily. Why is it so seemingly obscure in XP? Will check out advice given, and appreciated, by Beta, Jazzy... and Spikey...

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