Lame MP3 Encoder Programe

  RobCharles1981 23:07 05 Jan 07

I have Audacity program and I have made an audio recording from my cassette onto my PC, When I click "Save project as" from the menu it says this:

click here

So basically I want to use the Lame Program to let me save it in MP3 Format so how do I run it??

  Portly 23:13 05 Jan 07

This is a front end utility to enable use of Lame.exe. From distant memory you cannot use Lame.exe on its own.

Once you download RazorLame, you will find that this opens up a pretty straight forward window.

  Portly 23:18 05 Jan 07

Download available from click here

  RobCharles1981 23:38 05 Jan 07

Now what has happend is this: I have remade the recording on the program and Audacity Project File and a file with the data of the recording, when I use the RazerLame Program and to add the files into one it is not recognising the files when I click at I have to select "All File Types" but it still won't let me.

  megapack 23:45 05 Jan 07

Have you done the following? Download the Lame program, then extract to your hard drive, making a note of where you have extracted it too. Now save the file as an MP3 in Audacity. At this point it should tell you that you need to install lame_enc.dll. Point the program to the dll, and that should be the job done.

  RobCharles1981 00:23 06 Jan 07

If I Save the Project as - I only get one option "Audacity Projects *aup" Format I must be doing something wrong here.

  megapack 00:33 06 Jan 07

OK Rob lets look at this again. 1) Have you downloaded Lame? You can get the link to the software from the Audacity website. 2) The download file needs to be extracted to somewhere on your hard drive. 3) Once you are ready to save the music file in audacity, click on File\Export as an MP3. The first time you do this, that's when you get the message about installing Lame following the instruction I gave you earlier. I think you are trying to save as a project within Audacity when Lame is used for exporting the file? I hope that help you out.

  RobCharles1981 00:51 06 Jan 07

Yes I have lame and I followed your instructions to export the file so where is the dll file needed for it in lame???

  RobCharles1981 00:56 06 Jan 07

Its ok I sussed it!!!

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