Labels/Mail Merge

I have some numbers on a spreadsheet which I wanna put on labels. In A1 is one number in B1 is another (both numbers needed on the label) and C1 how many I need. So what is the easiest way. Before I have used Mail Merge but If I wanted say 10 of 1 label I had them in A1 to A10 but this time there are literally thousands. How is the easiest way please. Thanks.

  lotvic 17:47 27 Jan 09

You need to tell us what software/version you have
for example:
Operating System XP SP3
Microsoft Office 2003

Vista and Office 2003

  lotvic 18:11 27 Jan 09

I don't know any other way than Microsoft's 'Print labels by using Excel data in a Word mail merge' click here (

That the way I know. But I have some that need 50 labels printed so I have to mess about doing 50 rows. I have 250 different entries totalling 1500 labels.

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