Labelling Software

  NotsoNewuser 17 Apr 13

I have been using software called Labels Unlimited to produce address labels etc., which will not work with Win 7. The company producing it appears to have gone out of business so I have been looking for a replacement and wonder if anyone has any suggestions. Avery doesn't work as I dont have Word, so any software needs to be self contained as to database etc. as well as preferably free/shareware. Thanks your help.

  TonyV 17 Apr 13


Try Googling "free labelling software", a number come up there!


  BT 18 Apr 13

I've been using Visual Labels from Tailwag Software for many years. I use it on XP but the Website says its suitable for all versions of Windows. Its free for 30 days so you can try it out and only costs $19.99 to buy.

Its very versatile and easy to learn and use and once you have bought it can be re-installed as many times as you need. Worth a try.

  spuds 18 Apr 13

You might find something on this website

  Woolwell 18 Apr 13

What word processing software do you have?

  NotsoNewuser 18 Apr 13

Thanks for your suggestions I shall try them. Woolwell, I'm using Open Office, which I believe could have a label section, but I haven't tried it yet.

  Woolwell 18 Apr 13

This may help.


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