Kontiki inc. what is it?

  mctrout 14:32 25 Feb 09

Hello, I have found this called Kontici inc. on my pc, I am using Vista. In the windows defender it is described as a Delivery Manager. Doe's anyone what it is & is it safe to keep or should I delete it.
Thanks Mac

  Sea Urchin 14:36 25 Feb 09

If you using the BBC iPlayer or similar it's part of that

  sunnystaines 14:47 25 Feb 09

Channel 4 player uses it too.

  Marko797 15:41 25 Feb 09

as stated by SU. I got rid of it as it was hogging some resources and became annoying.

  mctrout 01:47 26 Feb 09

Thanks to you all for the reply, I thought it might be something that needed deleting. Thanks Mac

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