Kodak printer problems

  lenjam 20:18 PM 25 Apr 11

My WI FI 'All in One' Kodak printer is acting up, the printer screen shows that it is connected to my home network however the printer program shows that it is disconnected.I uninstalled the software and downloaded the latest from the Kodak site.When I try to install an error code 101-5096 comes up with the message 'Something is wrong with the network settings, please check your networks' I am a bit lost as the printer says it is connected and now I can't install the software

  northumbria61 07:39 AM 26 Apr 11

Try looking here link text

  Malcytul 18:28 PM 26 Apr 11

I had problems with an all in one Kodak printer connected to my wife's MAC, some-times it would work some-times not, some-times colour some-times just black & white, PC World weren't much help either, so after 14 months I dumped it & bought a Canon, I should have done that first. I@ll never buy another Kodak that's for sure.

  bpboon2 23:35 PM 01 May 11

I agree with Malcytul about the Kodak printers. NO GOOD I printed off a picture of a bright blue sky. Kodak printer made sky look as though it was going to snow. Also used printer a few times and now says inks running out. Wish never bought it.


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