Kingston 64GB Flash Drive:

  sunnynick 03:21 07 May 09

I brought this Kingston flash drive off Ebay for £52:00, a few days later the seller e-mailed me to say he had a problem with his own one, so had refunded the money to me but still sent the flash drive as it just might work for me. The seller said his would stop when it had x amount of data installed on his, well I've found that I can put data on but there's no way it will let me take it off, it comes up with a dox with a BOX
that has a big red X and say's
Error Deleting File or folder, cannot delete file.
Even a file that has nothing within it will not delete it, is this Flash drive only fit for the bin or can it be fixed????I don't think I could send it back to the makes as it come from Ebay? yet it has a 5 yr garrantee on the card that come with it. Any idea's

  ambra4 06:07 07 May 09

Send it back to Kingston and log a complain that the drive is not working

Seeing that it comes with a five-year warranty

They don’t have to know that you bought it of ebay

Kingston DataTraveler 64 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive DT150/64GB (Red/Black)

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 07 May 09

Sounds like its "protected" from accidental erasure, look carefully for a little switch somewhere on it, or has it got security software built in?

  bluto1 21:52 07 May 09

Excellent Ebay seller.

  granpa geek 11:10 08 May 09

USB Kingston Data Traveler are password protected for security of your travel documents, such as deleting.
To erase data format USB drive and you can use as new.

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