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  Hotto 31 Dec 12

I received a kindle fire for Xmas and have tried to get it connected to my Orange Livebox. on the wiFi screen it shows Livebox-2F81 good signal strength. I click it and it asks for password , I input the password and Push the Livebox WiFi button and Im connected . But when I switch off the Kindle Fire and try to reconnect it gives me - Autherisation Failed each time when I push the Livebox WiFi find button on it comes . How do I get it to connect Automatically

  difarn 01 Jan 13

Have you made sure that your Kindle Fire has been updated - Amazon update page here.

Have you tried resetting the Kindle - press and hold the start button for 20 seconds then release it. It should re-start. Wait 5 minutes and try to connect again.

  difarn 01 Jan 13

There are a few situations online just as you describe - one solution was to make sure that you have the correct mac address for your kindle fire - see this article. Once you have this then this should be used when setting up your connection.

Another issue is has the firmware on your router been updated? You need to go into the admin pages of your router to check this.

  Hotto 01 Jan 13

Yes I have done the 20 second reset, I have checked the Mac Address The only thing I now need to check is the router firmware update.

  difarn 01 Jan 13

Have you also checked for updates to the Kindle and tried switching your router on and off?

  Hotto 02 Jan 13

Yes I have checked for the updates, and I have the latest version. I have also done the 20 Second switch off to reset the Kindle Fire, I have switch the Router off and on several times over the days still no effect. But I can go to Sons house and log in on his router no problem at all.... So what's not right Guy's.........

  Photographybooth 18 Jan 13

The Fire is Amazon's latest addition to its numerous Kindle gadgets, only that its features are not limited to that of an e-reader.


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