iqs 09 Apr 12

Hi, I was wondering if a kindle can view PDF files that are not downloaded from amazon,also can the kindle display images within a PDF file. I have loads of PDF files which were included with various IT books,would these be viewable on the kindle,like they would on a pc ?


  ton 09 Apr 12

Yes to both.

  lotvic 09 Apr 12

You can copy to / drag and drop from pc to kindle 'Documents' folder via the usb used for charging.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Apr 12

Yes but in black and white of course.

pdf files cannot have their font size changed but you can use the zoom tool to expand parts of the page but this isn't always the easiest way to view it.

  iqs 09 Apr 12

Thank you both for the help,so a PDF file that was supplied with a book will be viewable including images ,but the font size will remain the same ,interesting .i was told something different today when I viisted a local pc/ electrical supplier, hence the thread . Thanks all

  QuizMan 09 Apr 12

I tried it once with a train timetable. It came out complete gibberish and unusable.

  lotvic 09 Apr 12

I have a Kindle (the £89 one) I am not that enamoured with with it. I find the buttons etc too small and fiddly. Yes it does what it is supposed to do - for reading books in black and white. I wish now I had got a colour ebook reader that was more flexible, you can get cheaper ones that have lots more features.

  morddwyd 10 Apr 12

"Yes it does what it is supposed to do - .........."

That's really all you can ask from anything you buy.

If you want free extras you have to hunt around for them.

  lotvic 10 Apr 12

morddwyd, I'm hankering after a Tablet will probably get the Galaxy, it seems to be more flexible than the iPad for my needs, but may change my mind after I visit a store to play with them :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Apr 12

A pdf document is not a e-book

This is why you cannot change the font size like you do with the normal kindle files.

However you can use the zoom tool to enlarge sections of the page, works for me when using schematics in pdf format.

What doesn't work (for me)are things like screen shots saved in documents PDF format as they are usually too small when seen on the kindle screen and difficult to comprehend when zooming into only a section of the picture.

I tried converting a pdf document to a e-book file using calibre but it wasn't very successful with the document I tried.

  ton 10 Apr 12

I think it is accepted that Calibre is not very good at converting FROM PDF to epub or mobi.

For other conversions it is very good(IMO).


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