killdisk / reinstall Mesh

  keef66 10:03 10 Jun 08

A colleague has an Athlon 64 based Mesh PC. He's trying to wipe the HDD and reinstall to factory condition prior to selling or passing it on.

On the advice of our I.T. bods he's used Killdisk to overwrite everything on the disk, but now when he tries to reinstall from the Mesh disk it gets so far and tells him 'unable to detect HDD'

Anything else he needs to do before trying to use the Mesh CD??

  johnnyrocker 10:12 10 Jun 08

dump it?


  Quiller. 10:55 10 Jun 08

"he's used Killdisk to overwrite everything on the disk,"

Then he has wiped the code that marries the mesh disk to the hard drive. He will need either a new full or OEM
operating disk to put windows back on .

All he had to do is to use either F11 to reinstall from the hidden partition or boot from the mesh C|D to wipe the hard drive and start again.

  keef66 11:41 10 Jun 08

I have already suggested that this military level overwriting was perhaps overkill; he's only passing the pc on to his dad!

He tried it with a neighbour's XP disk apparently, but it's still either failing to find an HDD, or more recently asking for drivers for the HDD via the A:\ drive which is tricky since he doesn't have a floppy drive.

Next going to try it with an old, formatted HDD I have lying around, and my XP Home & SP2 CDs.

  Quiller. 17:20 10 Jun 08

It could be that the hard drive is a SATA drive and needs drivers.

If it's a desktop then a quick peek in will show if it's SATA or IDE.

  keef66 09:41 11 Jun 08

I'm fairly confident it's an IDE drive given the age of the pc. Soon find out when he tries to plug in my old HDD!

  The Brigadier 09:57 11 Jun 08

Shows that using killdisk can damge your health as well!
Your "friend" has wiped the HDD completely including the MBR etc.
May need to re-build it using DOS prior to puting on XP.

  Demora 10:59 11 Jun 08

I have used killdisk on many occasions and have also had loads of problems getting WinXP up. (didn't have a problem with the Vista laptop or the recovery cd that I made) I found that I had to unplug everything USB and also any extra Harddrives/cd/DVD reWriters before windows would intall properly.(Or anything external apart from Monitor, keyboard and mouse).

Just a thought


  Quiller. 13:40 11 Jun 08

" Your "friend" has wiped the HDD completely including the MBR etc. "

It does.

" May need to re-build it using DOS prior to puting on XP. "

I've used killdisk on many occasions and it has always formatted when using the XP OS disk. It should be fine.

If it's IDE

Check it shows in the bios or re-detect it.
Check the power lead and cable are firmly in the drive and motherboard.
Change the IDEE cable if it does not show.
last resort is to format it as slave in a different machine.

  keef66 13:48 11 Jun 08

thanks for the suggestions. Plenty to try there.

Marked as resolved but I'll be back to tell you what happened next week.

  woodchip 15:10 11 Jun 08

If its XP the CD would create a new Partition, but as above he as removed the Mesh backup Partition. So he needs a new OS disc plus all the Drivers. If its a older Operating System then he as to create a Partition and format it before installing the OS

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