Keylogger program or somthing else needed...

Hi all,

I have a friend with a couple of teenage kids (15 & 12) who are always on the PC for chat rooms, messenger etc.

There is a small concern as to the content of some of the discussions that have taken place and while nothing definate, the parent would like to reassure themselves that nothing untoward is taking place (grooming etc).

They asked me if Messenger was able to retrieve a conversation held yesterday to which i said no, but that I would ask everyone here if there was a program, keylogger or some such that could be used to the same effect.

We dont need anything too technical, just something that would give an idea as to the content of thee conversations to put her mind at rest or so that she can take appropriate action if necessary.

Any ideas?

  AndySD 11:27 07 Apr 04

Messinger Plus will alow meeinger to create logs of chats. click here

But do read "Since I installed Messenger Plus! on my computer I noticed advertisement programs, why?
" click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:30 07 Apr 04

click here or more here


  Xevious 11:34 07 Apr 04
  Clint2 11:34 07 Apr 04

or this click here

  Sir Radfordin 11:41 07 Apr 04

The latest versions of MSN Messenger will allow for 'chat logs' to be kept.

Given the recent stories in the press about the content of certain teenage magazines I'm not surprised that your friends have concerns.

Some of the responses are just what we arelooking for - thank you.

Sir Radfordin - I cant seem to see how to set messenger to keep logs? If this is the case then this would solve the problem without third party software!

  AndySD 11:59 07 Apr 04
  Sir Radfordin 15:00 07 Apr 04

Tools/Options/Messages/Message History section tick the box to keep a copy. Unfortunatly can only do it when logged in.

  spuds 23:11 07 Apr 04

Free Keylogger click here

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