??? on Keyboards

  Magik ®© 11:11 20 Jul 03

hi,does any keyboard fit any PC no matter what OS it has. or do they have drivers? IE.95,98 or xp.......thanks

  AndySD 11:25 20 Jul 03

Yes but it depends on the plug on the heyboard. You may need to get an adapter for older pc's and new keyboards and vice versa.

  powerless 11:26 20 Jul 03

The heyboard, i remember those.


  keith-236785 11:41 20 Jul 03

keyboards with special function keys might need a Driver, i have just bought one with 19 extra function keys that had a floppy disk in the box with the drivers. A normal keyboard will fit any computer and will not need drivers, (please take note of AndySD answer above regarding adapter).

  Magik ®© 11:51 20 Jul 03

thanks all, i want one for the laptop, so it looks like most will work..thanks

  keith-236785 17:55 20 Jul 03

if its for a laptop, check the back of it for the size. make sure there is a socket for a keyboard.

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