Keyboard typing wrong characters

  alcudia 15:58 23 Jun 03

One of my networked machines (XP Pro) has a keyboard problem. The @ sign and the quotes are reversed and also the £ and # key type incorrectly.
I have checked regional settings and all is fine.
Does anyone know of any other settings where this can be corrected. I would be very grateful for any help.

  Jester2K II 16:02 23 Jun 03

Are you sure the Regional Info is correct?

If you have changed it have you rebooted it?

Sounds like the US keyboard drivers / settings at install instead of UK.

  alcudia 16:11 23 Jun 03

Yes all is set to UK, and was when this machine was reformatted last month.
I have now decied to try another keyboard.
Probaly won't work though.

  Squall 16:13 23 Jun 03

Sounds like your machine has been set to use a keyboard with a standard US layout.

Go into control pannel and then regional settings. Go to the language tab and click details, all the stuff you need sound be in there

  alcudia 16:47 23 Jun 03

Thanks everyone. I'd missed that Details button.
All ok now.

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