dcc69 15:25 14 Feb 04

I am having some very weird trouble with my keyboard, but only the enter key. For example if I am on a webpage and I type something in the address bar and press enter it will either find that site etc. just like usual, but when i was on the same page(msn homepage) i typed something in the search bar and hit enter key, but with no response, my enter key also doesnt work in msn messenger or when i was playing medal of honour online. Im so confused, please help!!!

  Proxy Worm 16:02 14 Feb 04

Check for any spyware click here and ad-aware click here

  anon1 16:19 14 Feb 04

Before you go panicking does the keyboard work normally with notebook or word pad or anything like that? It may be that the places it does not work are designed like that for example some online banks will not allow the enter key. I think msn search is the same, that is you have to click the go button for it to work

  dcc69 23:53 15 Feb 04

But the problem is it worked in all of those programmes before, but then suddenly decided not too.

  daba 00:02 16 Feb 04

doesn't mean they haven't "re-designed" the web-pages.

if your 'enter' key works OK in all other applications, and I would hasten to add that you would certainly notice if it didn't, then it must be the way the web-page now works, and live with it

have you any reason to suspect your keyboard is duff?

  dcc69 00:06 16 Feb 04

But when playing medal of honour online you are able to type a quick message which appears at the top of the screen, the only way to send the message to the screen is by hitting the enter key, everyone does it so it cant be a change in the porgramme just something wrong with mine.

  Indigo 1 00:10 16 Feb 04

There is a program that can remap your keyboard if you like click here apparently it is easy to use and easy to undo any changes. Could be what you need, at least it will allow you to check that the problem is not with your keyboard.

  dcc69 00:11 16 Feb 04

Ok thanks for the advice I'll check it out.

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