Keyboard Problems

  Eraflooz 16:33 21 Mar 03

Hey people...How are are ya? I have a Mitsuku Internet keyboard and mouse that until yesterday worked perfectly...Last evening however things started to go awry...Some keys will display 2 or more characters when pressed, some keys will act as shortcuts to menus, and some keys will not respond at all...I checked through all the language settings etc. just to be sure but to no avail...I have no idea why this has happened...I stopped the keyboards program, restarted everything that I could think of...Puleeze help! (buy a new one?)

  cherria 16:41 21 Mar 03

Wireless kb & mouse? (If se make sure the batteries are fresh and the receiver is close enough to the kb/mouse and not too close to any possible interference.

  woodchip 16:49 21 Mar 03

You may need to uninstall the software and reinstall that came with the keyboard

  Eraflooz 22:11 22 Mar 03

Hey guys...I did a reinstall of the software to no avail so i just switched to an older keyboard...then for a lark i thought i'd give it another go and everything seemed to work fine, the only problem is the 'at' symbol, and quotes key are reversed!! What the??? And, no it is not a wireless unit...So, if anyone can suggest a possible reason for two or more keys becoming magically transposed, please let me know!! Thanks again...

  woodchip 22:33 22 Mar 03

Check the language in the keyboard in control panel is set to British English

  Dr Lecter 01:28 23 Mar 03

Sounds like your language is set to the USA English. You need to set it to British English.

  Eraflooz 20:50 23 Mar 03

Different English language settings have no effect...Everything is fine except...@ and " being reversed...the 2 and ' are in the normal spots but when the shift key is applied to get @ or " they are transposed...Guess i'll have to live with it?....argghhh

  woodchip 22:02 23 Mar 03

In the above click the properties button and set the properties to US international, and try it see if it corrects the problem I had to do that the other day With a IBM Think Pad the Language settings should still be set to British English

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