Keyboard problems

  ninky4 15:34 24 Feb 03

Can anyone please help,When I hit the pound key I get # instead and my @ and " have reversed plus a few more of the keys are bringing up wrong things

  ©®@$ђ 15:39 24 Feb 03

you need to go into the languag keyboard settings and change them to english/british

for 98/me goto control panel keyboard

for xp

control panel /regional and language settings/languages/details

  Legolas 15:44 24 Feb 03

Youre keyboard is set to the American layout depending on which OS you have installed there are different ways of correcting this. This site shows you how for both 9x and XP click here

  ninky4 15:52 24 Feb 03

Thanks folks will have a go and see if it works

  ninky4 16:06 24 Feb 03

Thanks folks everything is back to normal. Keyboard is working fine, thanks to everyone who helped me

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