Keyboard problem on Win 98SE laptop.

  DrewB 00:12 15 Mar 04

I have been trying to help someone out with a Windows 98SE problem on a second-hand laptop that he has just been given. Although I may be more "technical" than he is, unfortunately I am not "technical" in any absolute sense!

In both Windows, and DOS, neither the onboard keyboard, nor an external one I have tried, work. At least, not properly. Most keys do nothing, but a few input accented characters or a space/non-display character. Since this applies even with an external keyboard, I concluded that it must be a setting or driver problem

I have checked settings in Device Manager and Control Panel/Keyboard and these look normal.

In desperation, since we have only the mouse to use for input, I tried to re-install the OS. It made no difference but, interestingly, when name, company and serial number were requested, the onboard keyboard worked fine, but reverted to the problem post the re-installation.

Can anyone offer advice, please?

(The onboard mouse keys are strangely configured too, with left and right clicking working OK in some areas but being reversed in others, but I'd like to crack the keyboard problem first!)

  Diodorus Siculus 07:41 15 Mar 04

Given that the keyboard works ok early in the process, I would suggest a clean install of the OS if that is a possibility.

  DrewB 23:30 15 Mar 04

Alas, the keyboard doesn't work enough to let me reformat the C drive via the DOS prompt. This is why I fell back on the re-install.

It is outside any free support period, but I think that I'll try contacting the makers to see if they can suggest anything.

Many thanks for the response.

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