Keyboard problem

  281apple 18:23 25 Jan 08

I am holiday in Spain. My computer broke down and I got it fixed in a Spanish repair shop. They did a good job of fixing it but when I got back home I discovered that they had installed a Spainish keyboard in their repair shop and my keyboard is all screwed up cause when I type Q I get A and reversely. I have not yet found where the QUESTION MARK is. How can I configure Windows to use an English keyboard, WHICH I HAVE, and not a Spanish keyboard. HOPE I AM MAKING MYSELF UNDERSTOOD....

  skidzy 18:24 25 Jan 08

Start / Control panel / Regional and Languages

  MAJ 18:33 25 Jan 08

You're slowing down skidzy, must be old age...... ;-)

  skidzy 20:22 25 Jan 08

Hot to trot me MAJ :-))

Had a few minutes to kill so just grabbed the top ones in the helproom hee hee.

Relaxed and winding down now..........sooooooo slooowww ...must be the beer :-)

281apple hope the above helps.

  birdface 20:30 25 Jan 08

You can try this.Not sure if it will fix your problem or not,But worth a here

  281apple 08:01 26 Jan 08

There was a guy (281 apple) who had a problem and skidzy wrote "Start / Control panel / Regional and Languages" and MAJ wrote him "You're slowing down skidzy, must be old age...... ;-)" and Skidzy replied (see above) and then in came buteman who told me to click here and I read the message which explained to me why MAJ acussed skidzy of slowing down. In any event skidzy got me to the right door and buteman opened the door and told me in which pew to sit and all is working just fine now. MAJ, we should be understanding if skidzy had a sort of phew in his old age. By the way, I'm 80 and if you want to know what slowing down is all about, just ask me. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP GUYS. I THINK PC ADVISOR IS THE BEST THING SINCE THEY INVENTED SINCE LADIES.

  281apple 08:03 26 Jan 08

just cross out the last since please

  skidzy 08:47 26 Jan 08

Just to reduce any confusion on MAJ's post;

Maj was refering to how quick my reply was to the thread once it was posted (a minute),this was because i just happened to refresh the helproom page and 281apple's post was there waiting to be answered.
Basically its just the little banter we sometimes have :-))

Glad your sorted ok and thankyou for the kind feedback.
You know where to come when there is a problem.......anyway,im not really slow at 40 only half your age 281apple.:-)) but if im still going at 80,i would be very happy.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated apple and makes it worthwhile for us,your a credit to PCA,thankyou.

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