keyboard not working on netbook

  DEMONTRA 13:44 22 Jan 10

I bought a netbook for my daughter from ebay for Christmas and she cannot use the keyboard on it and it is very frustrating.At the moment I don't want to admit I've been sold a pup but it's beginning to look that way.The netbook in question is a 7.0" tft lcd umpc netbook cpu AK7802Q216 if that means anything to anyone and it was bought from China so as you can well imagine the user manual is no use to man nor beast.Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

  Woolwell 14:23 22 Jan 10

This one? click here

  DEMONTRA 14:58 22 Jan 10

It was something similar to that Woolwell.Idon't know how to copy the link to the forum from ebay but it was from a seller called Victor_brand Happy Shop and the item no. was 280420441496 if that's any help.As you can guess I'm quite useless at this.

  Woolwell 15:29 22 Jan 10

Found that one. click here

If they keyboard is defective then I think that you should try their warranty. Is it more than 30 days since you bought it?

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