Keyboard mapping windows XP

  econdor 21 Apr 12


My kids have been playing on my desktop pc and seemed to have changed my keyboard settings ie I type b and get bn or type u and get ui Can anyone suggest what might be wrong or how I can reset keyboard settings?

Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give.

Have a great day

Phil G

  onthelimit1 21 Apr 12

You don't specify your OS, but probably need to change the keyboard settings in control panel, regional etc. Come back with the OS and will provide exact route.

  Procrastinus 21 Apr 12
  buteman 21 Apr 12

Region and languages in control panel.Make sure it is all set to English Uk.

Try in there till someone can give you better advice.

  buteman 21 Apr 12

Oops will need to refresh in future before I post.

Does your @ still work the same.

  onthelimit1 21 Apr 12

Oops - missed the 'XP' in the title!

  econdor 21 Apr 12

@ works ok settings in language etc seem ok as well?

  Sea Urchin 21 Apr 12

I'd say you need to try a new keyboard - the characters you mention (u and i - b and n) are next to each other on the layout which implies a fault with the key depressions.

  econdor 21 Apr 12

True I need to find a keyboard to see if that agreed sounds like one my my adorable children may have done more than press a few buttons. O well thanks for all the tips.
You guys gals rock ;-)

  Sea Urchin 21 Apr 12

Let us know how it goes


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