Keyboard instead of mouse

  GRFT 10:32 04 Nov 06

In the case of a faulty mouse how can the keyboard be used to move the cursor through the desktop icons and select programs?

  johnnyrocker 10:34 04 Nov 06

tab or up down left right arrows?


  GRFT 14:49 04 Nov 06

Thanks; tried that, and also various combinations using Ctrl, Alt & Shift but the cursor stays put. I haven't tried this since Win 98SE and I'm sure there was an easy way.

  De Marcus™ 14:59 04 Nov 06
  Carafaraday 16:16 04 Nov 06

GRFT - hope you don't mind me adding another query to yours.

Can you shut windows down using keyboard only?

(other than ctr/alt/delete which wouldn't work when I tried it)

  Carafaraday 16:20 04 Nov 06

Sorry -
have found the answer - control + escape brings up the start menu and then use arrows.

Apologies for butting in to your thread.

  woodchip 16:23 04 Nov 06

If you look in Menu letters underlined, Press alt and the letter tab will move between icons or list space bar will tick or untick a box. the list goes on Win key + E opens Explorer and so on It does not move the mouse cursor

  fleamailman 16:55 04 Nov 06

mousekey, explained

to use mousekeys
(without changing settings)
- press: shift + alt + numlock
(mousekeys windows appears)
- press: enter

to use the numbers for calculation while the mousekeys function is on
- press: alt + numlock

to end using the mousekeys function
- press: shift + alt + numlock
- press once: right arrowkey
- press: enter

numeric keypad directions and functions
(hold numbers down to move)
8 = move up,
2 = move down
6 = move right
4 = move left
5 = click it
(+) = double click
(-) = right hand click
insert = drag it
delete = drop it(use with insert)

in changing to mouse keys please note, that although it is simple to change to mousekeys, their speed is very slow so I suggest here first changing the speed settings of them, and probably you won't have a mouse to do it with

to change the settings of the mousekeys without a mouse
- press: shift + alt + numlock
(mousekeys windows appears)
- press twice: right arrowkey
- press: enter
- press once: right arrowkey
- press: enter
(setting for mousekeys window)
- press: tab
(top speed index)
- press to miximum: right arrow
- press: tab
(acceleration index)
- press to miximum: right arrow
- press four times: tab
- press: enter
(closes window)
- pres tab last time
- press: enter

  GRFT 11:22 05 Nov 06

That's super. Many thanks for a great response.

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