Keyboard freeze on wake up

  bennatrins 09:28 19 Sep 09

Have an Acer Aspire 5738Z notebook. When lid closes,computer is set to sleep. When I open the lid, keyboard & touchpad are frozen so I am unable to input password & have to reset computer. Doesn't happen every time though. OS is Vista Home Premium SP2 - any ideas?

  Technotiger 09:39 19 Sep 09

Why not reset to Close-down in normal way, then close lid after PC has switched off.

  benji1704 09:55 19 Sep 09

Could do but not very convenient to shut down every time before I close the lid, if that's what you're suggesting?

  Technotiger 09:57 19 Sep 09

Yes that is what I am suggesting - but then, random freezing can't be very convenient either!

  benji1704 10:06 19 Sep 09

Fair point! Just wondered if I had messed up some random security setting? No matter, will just leave lid open!

  Technotiger 12:45 19 Sep 09

You could check your Power Settings in Control Panel, perhaps an adjustment needed.

  Sea Urchin 13:40 19 Sep 09

Is your keyboard power management enabled to bring the computer out of standby?

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