Keyboard doesn't work

  djsew 18:13 01 Oct 07

Quite frequently my decktop starts up but the keyboard doesn't work; the mouse is OK. Sometimes the k/b is OK if I reboot. This has been occuring for about 9 months. I was told to do a 'System Restore' to cure it, which it did but only until next PC reboot.
Surely this problem can be fixed permanently?
Can anyone advise please?
(PC is about 2 years old running XP Home.)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:36 01 Oct 07

Type of Keyboard? PS2, USB direct or wireless?

  Belatucadrus 19:49 01 Oct 07

Worth trying a new keyboard, I had a similar problem on my first PC. Replaced the keyboard and the problem vanished.

  djsew 19:51 01 Oct 07

It's a standard Windows USB direct type.
The problem is quite peculiar as sometimes it's just the alpha/numeric portion does not work, the cursor up, down, left, right keys respond OK.

  Totally-braindead 20:08 01 Oct 07

I would go with Belatucadrus's suggestion, its worth a fiver to try a bog standard PS2 keyboard which you can even get from the likes of Tescos.
I would be tempted to suggest that the problem may be caused by the USB not starting up correctly. If it is that then you could also try disconnecting all USB devices apart from the keyboard and see if it still does it. If it works perfectly with only the USB keyboard attached then it might be worth fitting a internal PCI USB card and connecting to that, they are about a tenner.

  djsew 08:56 02 Oct 07

Yes, hear what you say, a possible hardware problem but howcome a system restore action can clear the fault? Will try to borrow a 'good' k/b later today to check things as suggested tho'...

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