keyboard disabled when connected to Internet

  colleen 12:59 14 Oct 05

When registering for NTL internet. the keyboard stops working when connection is established.
There is 10GB free on hard disk, there is only 112KB of RAM. The operating system is XP Professional
I am using a USB external modem. Could the problem be the lack of RAM ?

  SANTOS7 13:01 14 Oct 05

How much memory does your system actually have..

  colleen 13:10 14 Oct 05

The RAM size is 112KB. The hard disk is 20GB, with 10GB being used.

  SANTOS7 13:16 14 Oct 05

Not possible!! Its the size of the memory modules you have inside your PC it will be measured in MBs rangeing from 256/512/1064

  VoG II 14:22 14 Oct 05

Do you mean that you can't type into text boxes on a website? click here

  SANTOS7 14:34 14 Oct 05

haven't had a reply for over an hour (bit annoying really) still cannot clarify how much memory colleen has nothing to work from yet..

  colleen 14:41 14 Oct 05

Sorry, you are quite right, The RAM is 112MB.
The keyboard does not respond when connected to NET and the Numbers Lock light goes out.

  SANTOS7 14:52 14 Oct 05

with that ammount of memory i am surprised you manage to do anything, at the moment i am not sure if the two are related but a suggestion first would be to install more memory to stablise your system so you can multifunction at least.

  colleen 15:32 14 Oct 05

I will try this om my friend's PC over the weekend. I will let you know what happened.

  colleen 09:09 17 Oct 05

The PC is a Packard Bell 1 DESIGN 100 which has been given by my friend's frandson.
While looking at memory upgrades I found that it is supposed to have a minimum RAM of 256MB.
I have gone as far as I can, Thanks for all your help.

  wee eddie 09:30 17 Oct 05

colleen - Have you ever had the top of a PC.

It is possible that there are 2 x 128Mg sticks of RAM and that one came loose during the move.

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