Keyboard characters

  bturner 02 Apr 12

Newbie question,

I need to use a character from my keyboard, the button I need to use has 3 characters on it, pressing it produces "`", holding shift and pressing the button produces "¬", how do I get the third character on this button?

Thanks for any help.

  lotvic 02 Apr 12

Hold down Alt Gr and press the key ¦

  lotvic 02 Apr 12

Or hold down both CTRL and ALT and then press ¦ (ALT GR is equivalent to the CTRL+ALT key combination)

  bturner 02 Apr 12

Many thanks for the replies.

Holding down Ctrl and Alt Gr together and pressing the key produes this character "¦"

But the character shown on my key, the one I need to use is a vertical straight line without a break.

  john bunyan 02 Apr 12

On my keyboard this character is in the upper case of the \ key and holding shift and that key does this - is that what you want? |||

  bturner 02 Apr 12

Lol, thank-you for that.

My new keyboard is marked wrong, the ¦ and | are marked on the wrong keys.

Thanks again.

  john bunyan 02 Apr 12

bturner. Have you set up the PC for UK Keyboard? See Here if not:

UK keyboard set up

  bturner 02 Apr 12

I have just tried pressing all the keys and also while using the shift key and everything is correct except for the | and ¦

The keyboard is set up correctly in "start, control panel, region and language but I have saved the link you provided just in case I ever need to change the settings on a future keyboard.

All the best.

  john bunyan 02 Apr 12

I think you can lever off a key cover and swap them if only 2 are involved.

  AroundAgain 02 Apr 12

Quoting lotvic: "ALT GR is equivalent to the CTRL+ALT key combination"

lotvic, thank you for that one - I never knew that!!!

Again, thank you

Just as a point of interest, having just tried typing the said characters, my keyboard produces the ¦ and the | the wrong way around too!

However, can't change the keys around as the other characters on the keys would be wrong! Still, not to worry. I have never used them yet!

Interesting post - thanks everyone

  onthelimit1 03 Apr 12

My HP UK keyboard has them the wrong way round as well!!!!!!


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